27 March, 2012

I'm getting married.

There is question has become a very common annoyance as of late. 

Question seems to be the usual conversation starter among families, friends especially when you reached the 20 years barrier . Well I'm turning 23 soon will be 24th. This BIG pig question was sound like: 
“When will you get married!?!” 

Hey, does it mean people care about you? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps they may have someone in mind for you? How does that sound? Cue the pained cry of: NOOOoooo~!!!.
Apparently, people barely care if man even he is 30+ have not married yet, but for a woman,
you will be dying with those Qs. How are we gonna handle this, woman? 

For me it is Simple.

Of course I won't tell em' that I am in highest frustration level, my answer should be this:
Only GOD knows. I don’t know about it and, frankly, you don’t know too. Only God knows what’s in store for the future. I’m not God. If you’re God, please tell me when I am getting married and to whom.

Or try this: I’m waiting for Anuar Zain “Do you know why Anuar Zain is the hottest bachelor in Malaysia?Do you ever wonder why he hasn’t gotten married yet?” (pause)

“I’ll tell you the reason why. It is because he has not bumped into me. One fine day, he will drive to my house, knock on my door, and kneel before me to propose. Did I answer your question just now?” 

CP somewhere~

There were the olds poked my waist on someone's wedding day and said "Hey, when's your turn?"
I was thinking to poke back the olds someday and say "Hey, when's your turn?" on someone's funeral day. Fair isn't it?


rosemay said...

kalau gitu bile org tnya suruh can tnya tuhan..hahahha..jawapan paling best..:D

muimui said...

Yes2..The best answer eva. huhu