07 May, 2012


Home twitter aku masih penuh dengan politics. Masih belum habis lagi mereka berdebat. 
Cuma terfikir..Politics? Poly Tics?
Poly=many. Tics=parasitic insect. Hmmm. 
No comment.

#NP-Thousand Years-Christina Perry.
I am listening to this, thus there is an idea across my mind to write something in my blog. About Twilight. Anyway, aku rasa buku Twilight yang ditulis oleh Stephenie Meyer itu lagi best dari apa yang difilemkan. Yes for me, really. Aku baca sikit-sikit ceritanya sebelum ia diwayangkan. 

But seriously I am not that keen with Twilight's movie. Its lame. I mean it was only attracting me because of the Robert Pattinson yang handsome, gorgeous Taylor Lautner and the beautiful Kristen Stewart. 

Otherwise, I feel everything seemed to fly by so fast! Like, seriously, I was like WHAT??! Edward brings Bella to meet his family already???  and they left out many many important parts. 
I should thank to my friend yang bagi soft copy buku tu that make me realized how lame twilight's movie was.


Anonymous said...

Many parasitic insect...Nice...haha

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