28 February, 2012

Lipton Tea Break Ceria

Man: I think I'm beginning to fall for another person. Can't help it. There are just too many girls out there, my girl's just too plain.

P/S: Hey!Be contented. Yes, there are people who are greater than her. There are people who are prettier, more intelligent, more indulgent, more caring and more fortunate. That's life-full of temptations. But don't be deceived by those things. Because didn't you ever realize that there are people who are also far greater than you? Yet, she chose you. Are you stupid or what? No matter what gender are you., do appreciate a person who being nice to you. Because like Scorpion ever said ''what you give, you will get back'' remember?

And for a heart broken peep. Never give up on your life. Move on because as saying goes ''every cloud has a silver lining'' :) cheers.

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